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A couple of weeks ago, we were experiencing the start of the global pandemic near us, which meant baby wipes were hard to find! I started paying attention to how many baby wipes we were using on a daily basis and realized, yup, we were probably using too many baby wipes for things that might not have needed a baby wipes, like cleaning Brock’s hands, face and nose.

I started thinking of DIY baby wipes, I’ve seen plenty of different “recipes” in the past, but never tried any of them! I opted for reusable wipes made with fabric I had on hand vs disposable wipes made with paper towels. They’re ecofriendly, easy to wash and paper products were hard to find!

I had extra fabric on hand, I’m pretty sure it’s flannel. I cut them into 9″x7″ rectangles, you could definitely cut them bigger or smaller though! I stitched the edges so they wouldn’t fray and to help them hold up longer, however I don’t think that step was totally necessary! I intentionally did not sew a couple of them rectangles and the flannel material is holding up well, not fraying and not shrinking! You could also use pinking shears to cut the edges and prevent fraying!

Since we’re only using these wipes after meals, on noses and messy hands, I decided to keep the wipes “dry” and keep the liquid mixture in a spray bottle. I spray a cloth with the mixture when we need to use them! Doing this helps the mixture and wipes last longer. If you’re going to be using the wipes on a regular basis for more frequent diaper changes, you could pour the mixture over the wipes to pre-soak all of them.



Combine all ingredients in 16 oz glass spray bottle, adding water last – filling to the top. Shake and spray on dry cloth as needed.

Or, combine all ingredients, pour over cloths (in an empty wipe holder or other container) to moisten.

Which option would you choose? Keeping your cloths dry until you need to use them, or pre-moistening everything?