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Ooooh my goodness, these Wellness Programs are the coolest thing ever and totally take the guesswork out of what to order to help with a specific health concern! Simply choose the program(s) that best fit your needs (Immunity, Mind & Mood, Relief), add to your monthly Loyalty Rewards order, then sit back and use your products as they’re delivered to you! After the 3 month program has ended, you get to decide if you want to repeat the same program or choose a new one! Each Wellness Program has exclusive bonus items you can add on at 20% off.

The Immunity Kit will be on repeat for us throughout fall and winter, especially helpful for keeping everyone healthy with a toddler and new baby in the house. Our toddler takes an On Guard Beadlet every morning to help keep his immune system strong and hubby and I take Copaiba Softgels like they’re going out of style – it’s so awesome that we can get both of those at 20% off with the Immunity Kit!

I also take an Adaptiv Capsule daily to help with stress and anxious feelings so I am so excited to start the Mind & Mood Kit and have the option to add-on them on (and other oils for the kiddos) at 20% off!

It’s as simple as:

Immunity Kit

Mind & Mood Kit

Relief Kit

FAQs about the Wellness Programs

  • Do I need to edit my monthly loyalty order to receive the next kit in the Wellness Program?
    • No. Once your monthly loyalty order runs, the program will automatically transition to the next kit in the sequence.
  • Can I participate in more than one Wellness Program at the same time?
    • Yes. You can add more than one of the same program or add a combination of any of the available program offerings to a loyalty order. Programs don’t interfere with one another in their sequence.
  • Can I customize which products I receive in my Wellness Program?
    • Each program has three kits with predetermined products that are specifically designed and included to support that program’s functional health area. These aren’t customizable. However, in addition to the kits, each program will have a unique collection of customize-and-save items that can be added to address individual needs at discounted prices.
  • Can I cancel my participation in a Wellness Program?
    • Yes, you can remove a Wellness Program form your loyalty order at any time. If you decide to rejoin that Wellness Program later, you’ll have the option to either rejoin where you left off or start again on month one.
  • Are there any educational materials that come along with each kit?
    • Yes! Every kit comes with a card which will talk about how to use the products. You’ll also get email journeys and landing pages to help with product usage.