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These Top 10 oils that are foundational to have in your home that address a ton of things that may come up for you. For our family, these are our first line of defense. We’ll go to the doctor if needed, but first we’ll explore essential oils and natural solutions to support our body’s needs.

You can use them right out of the bottle, for some you might want some FCO when applying them topically, some you can take internally and you might want veggie caps and you can also diffuse them.

Take a look at My Recommendations for my favorite roller bottles and carrier oils. If you’re making roller bottles, refer to the dilution guide to adjust any recipes and dilute appropriately for age and skin sensitivity.

  • Lavender: calming; soothing, skin, sleep, mood, relaxation, anxious feelings, seasonal discomfort; for some people Lavender can be uplifting and energizing – check out this post if that’s you!
  • Lemon: cleansing; clean, detox, uplift mood, respiratory support & digestive support, seasonal support
  • Peppermint: cooling; energizing, tummy issues, tension, focus and concentration
  • Tea Tree: resolving; ears, skin, nails, immune support, helpful to sinuses, respiratory & seasonal support
  • Oregano: supporting; immune and digestive support, the big guns, powerful cleanser, antioxidant support, potent hot oil you’ll want to dilute heavily before applying topically
  • Frankincense: restoring; skin, immune, mood, mental well-being, balances emotions, grounding, supports cellular health, relaxation
  • On Guard: empowering; immune support, natural cleanser, energizing, uplifting to mood, antioxidant support, respiratory support
  • DigestZen: soothing; digestive support, upset stomach, supports healthy GI system
  • Deep Blue: comforting; soothing and calming to muscles, joints, tension, healthy inflammatory response, supports an active lifestyle, great massage blend
  • Breathe: freeing; respiratory support, seasonal discomfort, restful night’s sleep, clear breathing, invigorating, supportive to an active lifestyle

Get Started

Ready to dive in and get started? The Healthy Start Kit is the easiest way to get started and comes with the Top 10 Oils that I reviewed, plus my favorite Brevi diffuser that runs for 2, 5 or 10 hours.


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