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Managing levels of stress and having emotional vitality and mental wellness are a critical pillar to your overall health and well-being.

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This is a great class topic to piggyback last week’s Daily Preventive Habits class. Check out the class replay and notes here!

Lifestyle changes and essential oils are fantastic ways to manage, reduce stress and maintain emotional vitality

  • Bookend your day: have morning and evening rituals to help ground yourself
  • Move your body daily: as simple as a 10 minute walk
  • Increase your water intake: drink at least half your weight in ounces of water a day
  • Improve your diet
  • Meditate: meditation reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness, promotes gratitude and improves sleep
  • Proper sleep and rest is vital

Emotions and your body:

There are 3 “brains” in your body for processing emotions

  • Mind: the director, subconscious mind directs over 90% of behavior
  • Heart: the discerner, more nueropathways run from the heart to the brain than from the brain to the heart
  • Gut: the processor, 90% of the neurotransmitters like serotonin and other feel-good chemicals are produced in gut
    • Stomach problems could be related to stress/anxious feelings
    • Evaluate your diet: increase whole foods, decrease processed foods
    • Take Lifelong Vitality Supplements, TerraZyme and PB Assist
    • Our digestive function is scientifically linked to our mood
    • Support gut health = supporting mood

When you are connected in all 3 brains = overall wellness

Smell is the fastest way to effect mood

Wondering where to apply oils for processing emotions, stimulating self-repair? Think back to what we talked about – mind, heart, gut

  • Mind: back of neck, across forehead or on bottoms of feet
  • Heart: over heart, inside wrists, fleshy pockets behind ears
  • Gut: apply over stomach or bottoms of feet

Adaptiv Emotional Vitality Protocol

Mood Wheel (page 3 here)

  • You get to determine how you feel
  • Look at the mood wheel to identify your emotions
  • Can use doTERRA’s Daily Drop App Determine Your Mood feature

Joy inhibits negative emotions. Hope is the antidote to negative emotions. When processing negative emotions, choose to replace the thoughts with hope. If you need to interrupt any kind of state you’re in, use tea tree

Mood Matrix – another useful too for recognizing your mood, the emotions you are experiencing and what oils will help you through that.