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Daily Habits are one of my favorite topics! For adults, we know that applying Balance (grounding blend) on the bottoms of your feet can be the first step towards a great day.

Guess what? The same thing goes for our kids! We want to set them up for success and a great day of calmness and steady emotions. Now we have a new kids grounding blend, Steady, to apply to the bottoms of their feet every morning!

So much fun to have a momma and me grounding duo. Steady is a gentle grounding blend with 4 amazing mild oils (Amyris Wood, Balsam Fir, Coriander, Magnolia) that are perfect and safe for kiddos. We even use it with our 7 month old! Not to mention, I love how this blend smells and have my own bottle for myself ?

Check out the class I did for Keeping Your Kids Healthy year round! Purchase Steady here, if you’re in a country outside of the US, shop here! Steady is part of the Kids Collection, purchase the kids collection at a bundled discounted price here, or get a Wholesale Membership with the Healthy Kids Kit for 25% off everything for a year!

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