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I’m currently on my second oily pregnancy – I’ve had the privilege of using essential oils used before, during and after both of my pregnancies!

I share some of the things that helped support my pregnancies during the second trimester for common things that may come up. I’m not a medical professional, just sharing my experiences and best practices, so be sure to talk with your doctor or midwife if you’re unsure about something!

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  • Tummy issues: morning sickness ended around the beginning of my second trimester (praise!), but towards the middle of my second trimester, I started dealing with some feelings of acid reflux and indigestion – no fun! But I think I’d rather take that over morning sickness! DigestTabs were SO helpful, they combine DigestZen blend with calcium carbonate and work quickly! I also continue to take TerraZyme with every meal to help with digestion
  • Joint circulation: AromaTouch and Neroli have been my best friends! I apply them to my feet, calves and shins before bed – really anywhere that experiences discomfort and restlessness in the middle of the night. I also started taking Magnesium every night which has helped so much!
  • Hormones: Balance, Wild Orange and Elevation have been my go-to oils and blends for keeping my hormones and emotions in check, along with Phytoestrogen daily and maintaining my daily health habits
  • Achy back: I like to use Deep Blue Rub throughout the day with Copaiba or Frankincense layered on first and then Aromatouch at night – it’s a little less invigorating for me and the Marjoram in it helps me sleep. I also like to take Copaiba internally throughout the day as needed. Epsom salt baths are another must! I usually add Copaiba, Marjoram and Lavender to the epsom salts.
  • Itchy belly: Immortelle + Magnolia rolled on, then I like to apply the Beautiful Body Mist, Yarrow|Pom Body Serum or Body Butter on top! Aloe vera can also help relieve itchiness.
  • Stretch marks: Immortelle + Yarrow|Pom Body Serum has been an incredible duo! Yarrow|Pom helps stimulate collagen production = great for your skin!
  • Black Spruce: add this oil to your pregnancy tool kit! Rub onto lower abdomen for immune support and placental support, inhale or diffuse to help support feeling confident and connected

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Did I miss anything that you experienced in your second trimester?