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Sharing some tips of what we do to store our produce after it’s been washed and dried. The drying part is super important for making your produce last longer!

This list is not all inclusive and I’ll update this post regularly as I find more things that work for me or hear new suggestions from you all! Share your best practices in the comments for everyone to see!

Check out this post ALL about storing fresh berries – this works SO well for us!

  • Apples: I store them loosely in our produce bin on the low humidity setting, along with peppers in berry baskets
  • Leafy greens: in lieu of keeping them in the container from the store with a paper towel in the packaging, I’ve been putting them in my own container, like the Rubbermaid produce saver container or a microfiber salad bag in the fridge
  • Broccoli/cauliflower: I like to cut in advance and store in a Pyrex container until I’m ready to cook it. Added bonus you get the full health benefits of sulforaphane when you let it sit for at least 40 minutes after cutting before cooking
  • Green onions: putting the roots in some water in a mason jar on the counter has been working well for us!

?Don’t store onions and potatoes next to each other (the onion gases make the potatoes sprout faster)