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For this topic, we are primarily looking to:

  • Soothe muscles, joints and connective tissue
  • Support healthy inflammatory response at a cellular and nervous system level

Foundational body restoration

  • Start taking the Lifelong Vitality Supplements if you have not done so already, they are foundational to your health and regulating your body’s systems. Find more information here!
  • Apply Vetiver on bottoms of feet or spine at night for nervous system support
  • Take a look at the foods you are eating and consider reducing or eliminating inflammatory foods, such as dairy or gluten. I took a food sensitivity test to help me find out my triggers

Internal Use:

  • Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex: as needed or take daily. I like taking morning and evening
  • Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsule: as needed or daily. Turmeric helps reset your body’s systems back to homeostasis. I like taking mine in the morning.
  • Frankincense and Copaiba under your tongue or in a veggie cap 2-3x daily
  • DDR Prime: take daily for healthy DNA function
  • Yarrow|Pom: take daily to support body’s natural inflammatory process¬†

Topical Use:

Targeting muscle, joint, and connective tissue support