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The On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is my favorite go-to, use it for nearly everything in the house, cleaner! Check out my video to learn more about it.

On Guard Cleaner Concentrate Recipes

The main way we use it on the regular is in our all-purpose cleaner. 1.5 tbsp in a 16 oz spray bottle (or this link for a pack of 6 spray bottles). Add a few drops of doTERRA essential oils to customize the scent, and voila! Meet your new everything spray!

We use it to clean countertops, the stove, high chair, spills on the floor or carpet, wipe down the baby’s toys, tough stains, the toilet, tub and shower. There are different dilution ratios you can use for different areas of your home. You can also use it as a dish soap, washing machine cleaner and in quite a few DIY recipes below!

This is my favorite silicone mold to use for DIYs, they are wider and more flat which means they dry quicker and are easier to pop out!

Happy cleaning!

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