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We “made plants” this weekend! We usually plant our little container garden over Mother’s Day weekend and when my birthday typically falls, but it was way too cold to do that this year, so we bumped it back a couple weeks. Turns out, the long Memorial Day weekend was the perfect time for us to plant everything.

This was the first year Brock was able to help us plant everything, which of course made everything more enjoyable spending the quality time together, but also made things take twice as long and three times as messy ? that’s usually how it goes when you’re making memories, right?!

He really liked scooping the dirt, but his favorite part was watering the plants. We’re still learning how to be gentle with the plants and not whack them with the shovel or watering can lol!

PS – how adorable is his gardening set and watering can?! My mom picked it up at Aldi last year and it’s perfect. I can’t find the exact set on Amazon, but I linked up the closest options I could find below – including an elephant watering can.

I realized this will probably be the first year everything lives for as long as possible in MN because he’ll constantly remind me or ask me to water the plants ?? (hopefully we don’t kill the plants by overwatering them) I’m still learning how to have a green thumb, but getting better with our plants each year!

Gardening with Brock reminded me how thoughtful, intentional and present kids are. No distractions pulling them in a million different directions, just standing there enjoying digging in the dirt and smelling the herbs. Kids are the perfect reminder and role model for us to slow down and enjoy the little moments.. and pay attention to watering the plants ? ⠀