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Magic erasers can be an effective way to clean surfaces, but I’m not always a fan of the price tag or the extra ingredients they add to some of them. I was so happy (almost too happy?) to learn that the original magic eraser is simply a melamine sponge – which, you can get, on Amazon, for a way better deal, $8 for 20, instead of $8 for 8!

I also love this recipe because I get to supercharge the sponge with the power of essential oils. Purify is incredible for disinfecting and removing gross grime and gunk from surfaces. You could also add other oils to the mixture in addition to, or in place of the Purify.



  1. Add baking soda, borax, hot water, and Purify oil to a glass container and mix until dissolved
  2. Place melamine sponge in the mixture and press firmly to absorb the liquid

To Use:

Remove sponge, gently wring out excess liquid, and start cleaning. When finished, rinse off sponge with clean cold water and return to glass container with cleaning mixture.

Happy cleaning! Have you tried this before?