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Brock had tubes put in last Friday and we’ve already noticed a positive difference! It’s been a long journey of fluid in his ears that won’t clear up so it was definitely nice to get him some relief. Poor guy even had a bad double ear infection that the doctors couldn’t see because of all the fluid buildup ?

Here’s a quick overview of the oils we used to help support his body pre- and post-op and continuing now. The nurses even noticed his oils and how calm he was going into surgery.


  • Frankincense Touch: healthy brain function, I wanted him to have all the brain support as possible, it was his first time going under anesthesia.. his emergency c-section was also under general anesthesia so I’m not sure how much he was impacted then? Either way, I wanted that additional support
    • Roll on spine
  • Brave: new experiences, addresses feeling afraid, scared, confused, nervous, overwhelmed
    • Roll on chest, over heart
  • Steady: support feelings of being calm, grounded, cooperative
    • Roll on back of neck


Coming out of anesthesia was very disorienting, confusing and upsetting for him

  • Steady: helps with feeling overstimulated & overwhelmed, mood swings, being wound up, frustration
    • Roll on back of neck
  • Calmer: helps with being stressed, anxious, fussy, agitated, irritable
    • Roll on back of neck

At Home:

  • Stronger: support a healthy immune system
    • Roll on spine or feet
  • Tamer: surgery is messing with his digestive system
    • Roll on tummy
  • Probiotic: for babies and toddlers I like to use this one, we’ll switch to 1/3 packet of PB Assist Jr between 2-3 years old
    • Internally with dinner

Get Started

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