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I love adding Green Mandarin to my water! It’s also the only citrus oil that is NOT photosensitive. The oil is distilled before the fruit is ripe so it does not have any of the photosensitive properties as other citrus oils. This means you can apply this oil topically and then go and sit out in the sun if you really wanted to!

It’s also a very gentle, mild oil, making it great for babies! Use it for respiratory support and digestive discomfort. Green Mandarin is not only known for its citrusy scent, but for its soothing properties for the nervous system.

Green Mandarin is the Oil of Pure Potential. Its positive properties include: excited, wonder, hopeful, fearless, innocent, delighted

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Try out these 10mL roller bottle blends:

  • Deep Respiratory Relief: 7 drops Breathe, 7 drops Copaiba, 7 drops Green Mandarin, for added support, layer on Magnolia Touch first (you could also add 14-20 drops Magnolia to the blend); I love using this blend with our 2-year old when he starts to sound more “gunky”

Take a look at other ways to use Green Mandarin here!

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