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Classes happen every Tuesday night at 8pm CST, live on Facebook and Instagram, then uploaded to my YouTube Channel on Wednesday along with the class notes on the blog.

I’ve come a long way with my skin! A year ago, I wasn’t even washing my face every night. I have rosacea and a ruddy, red complexion. I was constantly being asked if I was sunburned.. that’s no fun! So I started implementing some changes to truly love the skin I’m in.

Healthy Skin Begins from the Inside Out

  • LifeLong Vitality is foundational for your skin and overall health
  • The new Yarrow|Pom supplement! It contains Vitamin C, Zinc, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Melissa, Yarrow|Pom which helps stimulate collagen production, and so many other oils amazing for your skin
  • Extra Vitamin C. It’s evens your skin tone, helps fight oxidative stress, keeps your skin hydrated. I boost my daily Vitamin C intake with this Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C
  • I also add extra collagen powder in coffee
  • Lots of fruits, veggies and water
  • Little to no sugar, inflammatory foods, alcohol

Morning Routine

Another must: clean make-up from Liz at Beautycounter!

Evening routine

I usually have more time to spend on my skin in the evening so I like to change up what I’m doing based on the day of the week. Tying a skin care routine to a specific day of the week helps me remember!