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Expand! My word for 2020. I love having a word for the year to ground myself in my intentions for the year.

I felt drawn towards “expand” around the end of last year and have been marinating on its meaning and impact for me.. who knew that 2020 would also be the year we expand our family ? funny how our thoughts come to fruition ?

What you think about, you bring about. I even created a decal for my computer to serve as a daily reminder ✨

I have intentions set related to growing and unfolding this year – expand my network, expand my content type, expand the the amount of lives I am impacting with their health or financial goals.

And to help balance the growth, I also have intentions set for expanding in the slowing down aspect – expand my mindfulness, meditation and yoga practices, to focus on being present in the moment and reduce stress. Expand also means feeling generous and optimistic, both of which, I love and fully support.

What is your word for the year?