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Hi there! I talked about the Enhance product line we have decided to start with our dogs here!

We wanted to introduce the new products one at a time to see how it would effect the dogs and we would be able to pinpoint exactly which one it was. We chose DogNog first and went the route of adding water to the bottle (instead of sprinkling it onto their food).

CarnaForageCarnaForage with water

Our frenchies are all about 20 pounds which means we can give them 1oz, but we chose to give them 0.5oz the first time around in case they didn’t like it (and to help it last longer with five dogs!). We gave our 200 pound mastiff 2oz. After they ate and came back inside from going to the bathroom, we added DogNog to their water dishes as their “treat” for coming inside. I also ended up adding a little more water to their bowls to make it easier to drink.

4 out of 5 of our dogs like it (I know, I sounds like a toothpaste commercial)!

Oliver (mastiff), Keebler and Lincoln (frenchies) LOVED it! Juno (frenchie) liked it and drank about half of it, then took a break and finished the rest 10 minutes later.

Dash (10 month old frenchie) did not really like it! He tried a little bit because everyone else was scarfing down there own, but he was fine to walk away and was pretty disinterested.

DogNog ingredients and benefits:

  • Freeze dried raw goat milk: probiotics, enzymes, electrolytes, soothes inflammation, relieves symptoms of digestive issues
  • Freeze dried raw eggs: fatty acids improve skin and coat health, source of protein
  • Coconut flour: balances blood sugar levels, increases metabolism, supports digestive health, grain- and gluten-free
  • Cranberry: urinary tract-supporting enzymes, lowers the pH in the bloodstream creating a hostile environment for bad bacteria and preventing bacteria from adhering to the wall of the urinary bladder, prevent plaque buildup on teeth, improve brain health, balance and eye health, cardiovascular support
  • Turmeric: detoxify body, anti-inflammatory which helps reduce arthritis pain, allergies and other inflammatory diseases
  • Yucca: alleviate joint pain and bone problems, skin problems and hot spots, digestive and bowel problems; cleanses the liver and kidneys, promotes blood flow and tissue repair, relieves allergies, regulate blood glucose levels, hip dysplasia, protect against cardiovascular disease
  • Bromelain: allergies, digestive support, works will with yucca and turmeric boosting their anti-inflammatory properties

Information about DogNog taken from Enhance’s website

Why we chose DogNog first:

  • Oliver: currently dealing with a UTI, might have kidney problems but we won’t know until after he’s done with his round of medication, going on 6 years old and can use some joint support, also has atrial fibriliation
  • Keebler: she has skin issues and allergies, occasional digestive discomfort
  • Juno: has luxating patellas and bad hips and we’ve been noticing lately she seems a little uncomfortable
  • Lincoln: one of his vertebrae by his back legs is abnormally shaped and leads to an increase in inflammation and discomfort
  • Dash: one of Keebler’s pups so we’re trying to nip any skin issues or allergies in the bud, plus he’s a growing puppy and these are great ingredients