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DigestZen comes in a couple of different options: a 15mL bottle, a 10mL pre-diluted Touch blend, premade softgels, and even in the form of DigestTabs, which are calcium carbonate tablets perfect for heartburn, upset stomach and indigestion! Purchase DigestZen here, if you’re in a country outside of the US, shop here, or get a Wholesale Membership for 25% off everything for a year!

DigestZen is the Oil of Assimilation. Its positive properties include: assimilating experiences, adjusting, nourished, enthusiastic, engaged

Check out the class replay I did, highlighting the Top 10 Oils and a FREE digital download for roller bottle recipes using the top 10 oils.

Try out these 10mL roller bottle blends:

  • Digestive Flow: 7 drops Wild Orange, 5 drops Coriander, 4 drops DigestZen, 4 drops Lemon, 2 drops Ginger; apply to abdomen as needed
  • Digestive Support: 12 drops DigestZen, 8 drops Lemon; apply to abdomen as needed

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