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Are you diving into the magical world of green cleaning and making your own toxin-free cleaners?! Check out this list for some common ingredients for DIY cleaners.

doTERRA Essential Oils – a must have! Essential oils protect against environmental threats, are nontoxic, they don’t pollute your home, multipurpose effective cleansers, a little bit goes a long way saving you money!

Baking soda – we stock up on this at Costco! It’s a 13.5lb bag, can’t go wrong with that! If you’re not a Costco addict like me, you can find this anywhere.

White vinegar – again, Costco is my favorite for this, but you can find it anywhere. I use this is so many cleaning recipes and even to wash my fresh produce!

Citric acid – this is one I get from Amazon for sure! You can typically find this at a grocery store near the canning items or spices and baking section if you’re in a pinch, but it costs quite a bit more per ounce than it does from Amazon, where you get a lot more.

Coarse Kosher salt – find this at your grocery store in the spices aisle.

Castile soap – you can find this at quite a few stores or Amazon 2-pack or single bottle. I like to get Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented version and then I can add whatever essential oils to it that I want and add the scent that way. Just a heads up – Castile Soap & White vinegar don’t mix – find out more here.

Vegetable glycerin – I’ve found this at Whole Foods or Amazon!

Silicone mold – this is my favorite to use when making different types of cleaning pods, I love that it’s wide and flat so they dry quicker

16 oz glass spray bottles – my favorite for our homemade cleaners and such a great deal from Amazon for 6 bottles! You might be tempted to start with only two, but trust me, once you start making your own cleaners and room sprays, you’ll want more ?

Melamine sponges – these are magic eraser sponges for cheap and without any chemicals added to them! Find them on Amazon