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Clary Sage is one of the few oils you will want to avoid throughout most of your pregnancy. Clary Sage and Jasmine are a great support during labor and can help progress labor and stimulate contractions (typically when your body is ready.. Brock was 10 days late and these two oils did nothing to progress things for me!)

Stimulating contractions and progressing labor aren’t things we want happening in the early stages of pregnancy, or really until you’re full term, so it’s best to avoid these two throughout your pregnancy until you’re in labor. Check out my class all about Oil Safety During Pregnancy.

Try out these 10mL roller bottle blends:

  • Happy Mama: 6 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Bergamot, 2 drops Clary Sage, 2 drops Grapefruit, 2 drops Wild Orange; great for postpartum, use anytime you need a mental lift, apply behind ears, to the back of your neck or wrists

Take a look at other ways to use Clary Sage here!

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