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?This is what the start of a Christmas tradition looks like!

We started in 2018, the year Brock was born. We’ll add one new Christmas book to the collection each year and write some of our favorite Christmas memories from that year on the inside cover to look back on for years to come!

This is something my mom did when we were growing up and still continues to do almost 30 years later! As we got older, we started writing our favorite memories in the book too. I love that books are timeless and promote family reading time (no screens – yay!).

Tip: buy your book for next year after Christmas when they’re 50% off (or more!) on Amazon or in stores. Here are some of my favorites and books we’ve had.

This is our 2019 book

I picked up this one after Christmas for 50% off from Amazon and it’s just darling! This will be our 2020 book

Brock loves the Little Blue Truck book, this is a Christmas version!

This is is so cute and charming and will be one of our books in a couple years

You can’t go wrong with the Polar Express!

I love interactive books, this will be so much fun when the kids are older!

What’s one of your favorite Christmas traditions? Or one your want to this year? You can start any time!