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Finding ways to store all my fresh produce so it will last as long as possible and not spoil too soon is still a work in progress for us, but we’re getting there! This post is all about fresh berries, find ways to store other types of produce here!

One of the best things we started doing was storing our berries in mason jars! We can stock up on fruit and be set for the next 1-3 weeks.

Sidebar Emily fun fact: I love using mason jars. We have a ton. We can foods occasionally, but beyond that, they are SO versatile, ecofriendly.. And durable if you accidentally drop one ? More about mason jars in the future.

After our berries have been washed and dried (read more about that process here), we transfer them to different sized mason jars. Each type of berry gets its own mason jar to help contain and limit the spread of its ethylene gas (the gas that berries emit that ripens, and eventually spoils the fruit). Be sure to use the metal lids and rings as those can give an airtight seal, unlike the plastic lids.

Your goal is to have the least amount of headspace as possible. Headspace is the space between the top of your fruit and the lid. Less space = less air = less spoiling.

I like to add a small paper towel to the bottom of the mason jar to absorb any extra moisture, then load it up to the top! As we eat the fruit throughout the week, I’ll transfer the remainder to smaller mason jars to again, have the least amount of headspace possible.

The blueberries and blackberries last a few weeks for us this way! Raspberries and strawberries last around 1.5-2 weeks for us (depending on what the fruit was like to begin with) with this method.. That is of course, if we haven’t eaten them all before that! The mason jars also make it super easy to grab one and go if you want a healthy snack on-the- go!

In an effort to have the least amount of waste as possible, I try to keep an eye on how the fruit is looking throughout the week. If things are starting to go bad, or we have more than we can eat, I will flash freeze the fruit and use it for smoothies!

Wide mouth pint and regular mouth pint jars are the two most common jars we use. If we don’t have enough berries to fill the larger jars, we use half pint or the smaller 4oz jars – which also work great for baby food and toddler snacks!

Depending on the size of the strawberries and how many we have, we’ll store those in larger mason jars or glass pyrex or snapware containers. Still filling the container up to the top so there’s less air in the container.