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Static cling in the winter might be the bane of my existence. My clothes are full of static and then my hair becomes staticky. It’s a brutal cycle that I want to get rid of!

We make our own laundry detergent and use organic wool dryer balls with essential oils in the dryer. The dryer balls have cut down on drying time which is amazing, but they don’t always help with the added static that comes with winter.

I also do not want to use dryer sheets so I started looking for a natural alternative and stumbled on Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. It emits negative ions and neutralizes static.

I sewed up a small fabric bag, but you could use these, Regency Natural Spice Bags 100% cotton set of 4, instead. Add about 3-6 tablespoons of Coarse Himalayan Pink Sea Salt to the drawstring bag, cinch it up, add to your dryer. It lasts for multiple loads and I plan on changing out the salt once I notice the static coming back. I have been using the same bag for over a month now and the salt is still going strong.

What other things do you use with your laundry?