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I was so fortunate to use essential oils all throughout my first pregnancy and to have them for baby number two! There are so many things we can’t use during pregnancy and beyond that, I was looking for a natural option to try first before turning to an the counter option.

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Use essential oils aromatically throughout pregnancy and postpartum using a diffuser (find my fave diffusers here). A diffuser can clean and purify the air and uplift everyone’s mood. I love having the diffuser going at night with a calming blend to help fall asleep – especially useful when you have midnight bathroom visits. You can also breathe the oil from the palms of your hands throughout the day!


One best practice while using essential oils throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey is to dilute your oils with a carrier oil. Diluting your essential oils for topical use makes them last longer and penetrate the skin deeper. They’re just as effective as using them straight out of the bottle and diluting makes the oils safe for our sensitive pregnancy skin. Mix up your favorite blends in 10mL roller bottles for easy use!

My favorite carrier oil is fractionated coconut oil, it’s light, nourishing to the skin without clogging pores and doesn’t go bad. Other common carrier oils are olive oil, jojoba oil, Argan oil.

Essential oils to avoid during pregnancy and postpartum

  • Jasmine and Clary Sage: can enhance contractions if your body is ready for labor and you can also use during labor to help contractions along. Because of this, you’ll want to avoid these two throughout your pregnancy until you are full-term. I will say, I used them all over my belly after 39 weeks and Brock was still 9 days late and didn’t want to come out!
  • Use caution when you’re full-term: Fennel and Basil can stimulate or increase milk supply – milk coming in can sometimes help encourage labor to come on so I choose to avoid these around the 37 week mark and start using them again after baby is born
  • Postpartum: if you are nursing, in some cases Peppermint can decrease milk supply, but not always. I personally used Peppermint daily on the back of my neck and internally after I had Brock and my milk supply was not impacted.

Above all else, trust your body and remember to use a CPTG oil while pregnant. What was your favorite oil to use during pregnancy?

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