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Niaouli is available to us as a free product of the month in June and I am so excited to have this oil! Niaouli comes from the Melaleuca family, just like Tea Tree, so you’ll notice it has some similar properties to Tea Tree. It’s great for skin issues, supporting a healthy immune and respiratory system.

Add it to the rotation of oils you use on your skin for some variety in the scent and benefits you are enjoying! If you have sensitive skin, however, may prefer to use Tea Tree essential oil because Niaouli should be diluted. It can also work as an effective addition to a cleaning spray by improving its cleansing benefits.

One of the coolest things about Niaouli (in my mind) is that it’s safe to use with your dogs! Tea Tree is a big no-no to use topically and internally with dogs, so I’m so excited we get Niaouli as the safe option from the Melaleuca family to use on our fubabies. I’ll be using Niaouli for healthy ears, skin and coat and any types of cuts the dogs might get.

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