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That moment when.. lavender doesn’t help you sleep and isn’t calming and relaxing for you (or your kids) ?

Wait what?!

For MOST people, lavender is all things calming and relaxing. For SOME people, lavender is actually all things uplifting and energizing. Good luck falling asleep when you just inadvertently started diffusing a 5 hour energy blend if you’re one of the “some” with lavender ???

On the flip side: for MOST people, wild orange is all things uplifting and energizing. For SOME people, wild orange is actually all things calming and relaxing.

Since every BODY is different, we respond differently to essential oils.

If you’re one of the “some”, try subbing in wild orange for lavender in your sleepy time diffuser blend and put lavender in the game for wild orange with your energizing blends.

Play around with your oils and blends to find the “right” one for you.

• 2 drops wild orange OR lavender
• 2 drops cedarwood
• 2 drops vetiver

⚡️I’m curious, is lavender calming or energizing for you?!