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Classes happen every Tuesday night at 8pm CST, live on Facebook and Instagram, then uploaded to my YouTube Channel on Wednesday along with the class notes on the blog.

Essential oils supports kids’: sleep & relaxation, emotions & moods, respiratory health, growing body, focus, digestion, immune function and response to seasonal threats, wound care, clear, healthy skin.

doTERRA essential oils are safe for your babies and kids and a wonderful tool to have in your wellness tool belt this winter. On the bottom of every bottle is a code that can be entered into to view the full analysis of the oil, certifying it to be pure. Full transparency! I love that about doTERRA and know that I can safely use the oils on my kid.

Dilute your essential oils based on your child’s age range. View a larger dilution guide here.

Touch roller bottles come prediluted from doTERRA and are a safe option to use with your babies and kids if you didn’t want to make your own roller bottle. This includes the Kids Collection!

The Lineup

Diffusing essential oils is a wonderful and safe way to support our kids’ immune systems as a preventive measure or if they start to come down with something.


I can’t believe I forgot to talk about this, it’s one of our favorite ways to stay healthy year round! We use Elderberry Syrup from Elderberry Queen every day to keep our immune system strong and fight off any possible infection. The capsules are a great option for teens and adults who might not want to take the syrup. The glycerite is an option for babies under the age of one (most syrups contain honey).