Get Started with Essential Oils!

Are you ready to take control of your family’s health and experience holistic health and wellness through essential oils and natural solutions? I would love to help get you started! I will be here to help support you and your goals in this new journey. We also have an awesome community to help answer any questions you may have!

Select a starter kit

Healthy Start Kit
The easiest way to get start with essential oils. Includes the Brevi diffuser and top 10 oils.
Healthy Kids Kit
This includes the Kids Collection specifically formulated for their little bodies and On Guard Beadlets.
Simple Solutions
The simplest way to get started and sample a few of doTERRA’s favorite oils, blends and products.
Healthy Habits Kit
This kit includes products to support your Daily Habits in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Healthy Home Kit
This kit will give you the ability to try a bit of everything on a budget! It include toxin-free products, a Brevi diffuser and the top 10 oils to give you the best start.
Natural Solutions Kit
This kit combines a little bit of everything to get you start – toxin-free products, oils for physical, mental and emotional well-being, a Lumo diffuser and storage box.

You will get a FREE wholesale membership with your starter kit! This allows you to purchase any dōTERRA oils or products at wholesale pricing (25% off) for the next year. There is no obligation to order monthly or pressure to sell the oils, you simply get the best deal and can order when you want. If you do want to order regularly, there are some incredible rewards and perks.

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  • Select Wholesale Customer to get you dōTERRA at the deepest discount. Only select Wellness Advocate if you are interested in building a business and earning commissions with dōTERRA. I recommend you start as a Wholesale Customer, and then when you are ready to educate others, you can switch your account to a Wellness Advocate for free!
  • Select your region/language
  • Enter your information, make sure you see my picture and name 1321153
  • Select the starter kit that best fits your needs and budget (more about the starter kits below)
  • Add any additional oils or products at wholesale pricing
  • Enter your payment information and process!


I am always here to help. Be sure to connect with me below so I can get you connected to our online community, private team website, education, resources and mentoring!