Essential Oils

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be found in the roots, seeds, flowers, bark, rinds, or other parts of a plant. They not only give the plant their aroma, but they also protect the plant from environmental conditions and insects. Essential oils work so well for us because we’re essentially using the immune system of the plant to support our immune system and body system overall; and because plants are carbon-based and we are carbon-based, they just work. It’s that simple. The reason oils are so effective is because they have the ability to cross the cell membrane and support us on the deepest level. Your body recognizes what you’re putting on your skin, breathing in, or taking internally.

I have chosen to partner with dōTERRA for a number of different reason! Our essential oils are sourced locally where they grow best, we help the farmers maintain sustainable sourcing practices and build trust with the farmers in other countries ensuring they are paid a fair wage. The oils go through rigorous testing to meet our CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) standard, with full transparency to the test results. This means I’m using the best, most trusted, oils on the market and it gives me a great peace of mind when I use them on with my family and share with others.

We use essential oils to help soothe occasional skin irritations, promote healthy digestion, immune support, clear breathing, green cleaning and more. We use them in all areas of our home, including with our son and our dogs. They also have emotional benefits to help with a positive, balanced mood. Take a look at the Oil Properties Wheel to see how specific essential oils can elicit a desired benefit, based on their chemical structure.

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