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You guys know I’m all about simple daily health habits so this was a total no brainer for me to add into my daily routine – and I’m totally loving it!

Celery juicing did not last very long for me (that’s a lot of work, props to you if you do it!) and the essential oil definitely doesn’t have the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that celery has, BUT, I will say, my body feels like it did when I was celery juicing. And that’s something I can totally get behind.

Celery Seed is most effective internally when combined with another oil

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Esophagus: Mucosal Support

Celery Seed enhances mucous defense factors to protect agains the breakdown of mucosal and digestive tissue. Add 2-3 drops to your favorite morning/evening drink. Add in lemon for additional support and healthy levels of stomach acid.

Stomach: Immune Support

Celery Seed enhances the body’s natural defenses and a healthy stomach lining and tissue. Use 2-3 drops Celery Seed in a veggie cap morning and night. Combine with a spice or citrus oil, like Cinnamon Bark, Coriander or Lemon, to enhance the benefits.

Urinary Tract System Support

Supports the kidneys and provides overall protection. 1-3 drops each (equal parts) Celery Seed and Juniper Berry in a veggie cap for urinary tract health. 1-3 drops each (equal parts) Celery Seed and Cinnamon Bark in a veggie cap for urogenital tract health.

Plus my sweet friend @realisticeatingandliving pointed out it doesn’t have carbs in it, making it keto friendly for those who might want to celery juice without the added carbs! 😘

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