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Classes happen every Tuesday night at 8pm CST, live on Facebook and Instagram, then uploaded to my YouTube Channel on Wednesday along with the class notes on the blog.

I love habits and establishing simple routines to use throughout the day. It eliminates the need to make a decision at that point in time, freeing up your mental capacity for something else!

Set yourself up for long-term success by implementing small things one thing at a time. Your overall health & wellness depends on it. Short bursts won’t make a long-lasting impact on your health

Bookend your day with a morning & evening routine

Morning Routine

  • It could be an hour long Miracle Morning routine, which I’ve done in the past and loved it, but for right now, that’s not realistic for me and it might not be realistic for you! Your morning routine, very simply, could be 15 minutes long
  • Include three components in your morning routine: spiritual, mindset, and physical. You can start with one or all three

Evening Routine

  • This helps prepare your body & mind for sleep
  • Do something every evening to relax and unwind that doesn’t involve social media or TV: drink tea, I like apple cider, read a book, talk with your spouse
  • Have an oil and routine you do every night before bed: inhale a drop of Serenity from the palm of your hands, set up your diffuser 30-60 minutes BEFORE you want to be asleep
  • I did a whole class on this subject, check out the replay & notes here!


Yep! I don’t think we can talk about a simple wellness routine without talking about water!

  • Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily
  • Did you know we wake up dehydrated? Go to bed with a glass of water by your nightstand, so when you wake up first thing in the morning, you can drink 8-20 oz of water.
  • Add doTERRA CTPG citrus essential oils throughout the day, I love Lemon and Wild Orange!

Simple daily routine using your oils

I’m all for using all of your oils and trying new diffuser blends and roller blends, but in terms of creating a basic routine, you’ll actually want to simplify things and have a core set of go-to oils.

  • Wake up and put a drop of Frankincense under your tongue, Balance on your feet, inhale a drop Peppermint & Wild Orange from the palm of your hands
  • Set up your diffusers in the morning. Have premade diffuser blends mixed up to eliminate another decision and save time
  • Take your supplements at Lunch
  • Diffuse On Guard in the evening in the main living spaces as everyone is coming home from school, work and other activities
  • Set up your diffuser with Serenity & Breathe an hour before bed

Tell me some of your core go-to oils that you include in your basic routine!