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Create a back to school or even daily morning and evening routine with essential oils! Daily preventive use is key at managing emotions, new situations and most importantly, you and your kiddos’ immune systems. No one wants to send their kid back to school and then have them wind up back home sick a couple weeks later, amirite?!

Classes happen every Tuesday night at 8pm CST, live on Facebook and Instagram, then uploaded to my YouTube Channel on Wednesday along with the class notes on the blog.

Class Notes:

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  • Diffuse Peppermint and Wild Orange first thing in the morning to wake up, uplift and energize for the day
  • Roll on Steady and Brave to help tame first day or morning jitters
  • Roll on DigestZen to help calm a nervous tummy
  • Daily preventive immune support, roll on On Guard or Stronger to kiddos (and yours) feet and spine, morning and night
    • Swap out your kids’ hand sanitizer for On Guard Sanitizing Mist, it has apple extract in it to moisturize your hands
    • Have On Guard Foaming Hand Wash in all of your bathrooms for an effective toxin-free soap that supports your immune systems
    • On Guard Throat Drops are the perfect way to soothe dry scratchy throats
  • Roll on InTune or Thinker to help with focus and concentration during school and homework in the evening
  • Older kids can roll on PastTense to their forehead, temples or back of the neck to help ease head tension that might come from stress or even the school lights
  • For the bumps and owies that come from recess, use Rescuer and the Owie Blend
  • Diffuse Peppermint and Rosemary or InTune (be sure to watch the video around the 15 min mark for my InTune hack) after school, to maintain concentration and memory, and reduce afternoon fatigue
  • Diffuse Serenity and roll on Calmer before bed to help your kids wind down, relax and have a restful night’s sleep