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Convention is such a magical time! This was my third year attending dōTERRA’s Convention. It was so good to be back in Salt Lake City, soaking in all of the magic, inspiration, friendships and information. I love it! ? The work we are doing in the medical field is groundbreaking and changing lives. Providing simple, effective solutions that bridge the gap between holistic and allopathic (western) medicine. This is the kind of thing that sets my soul on fire ?

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Classes happen every Tuesday night at 8pm CST, live on Facebook and Instagram, then uploaded to my YouTube Channel on Wednesday along with the class notes on the blog.

Upcoming Events:

Check out my upcoming events here! doTERRA is coming to Minneapolis for a Post-Convention Event, The Together Tour, where they will have a product a product showcase to smell & try dōTERRA products, exclusive swag for purchase, a FREE Together Gala Blend, the opportunity to purchase and take home a discounted convention kit, along with an exclusive enrollment promotions. $15 admission for you & a non-enrolled member (bring a friend), be sure to RSVP going on the event so I know to look for you & bring you an exclusive team gift! ?

Class Notes:

Revised Mission: Pursue what’s Pure

  • This includes all things – pure sourcing, pure business practices, pure love of humanity, pure fair treatment of our farmers and others
  • Essential oils can change the trajectory of someone’s life
  • Our growers feel the heart of the company and feel like they matter, the farmers’ mentality has changed where more and more farmers want to partner with doTERRA because of our fair, our, business practices
  • 98% exclusivity of our essential oils
  • doTERRA is intentionally creating new products that have a purpose and will make a different in people’s lives and not creating a product to just have a product to sell

CBD Oil vs. Copaiba

  • Currently CBD Oil does not meet our strict Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) standards and doTERRA will not compromise our quality standards for a new product
  • Copaiba can be more effective than CBD Oil at a significantly better price point and consistent results you can rely on
  • When tested, only 6% of the CDB Oil consumed is absorbed into the bloodstream, the rest is eliminated from the body

Power of Prevention and Daily Health Habits

Each member of the Physician’s panel shared one simple thing we can all start doing as a preventive measure that will have a noticeable impact on our health. I was amazed at how simple their responses were! Simple, small, shifts in our health for improved wellness and vitality!

  • Increase intake of fruit & veggies
  • Take Lifelong Vitality Supplements, increase greens
  • Increase water intake, water helps with every function of the body and is vital to keep your body running optimally
  • Use oils all three ways (aromatic, topical, internal) at night for optimal sleep – sleep is so important!
  • Take a ten minute walk every day
  • Exercise – sweating helps detox your body and manage stress

I am excited to share more detailed daily health protocols in the coming week!

Be the Light

Be the light for someone else, kindness is free, kindness is a choice, all you need to do to change the world is to change one life

  • Opiates do not heal pain, they mask the symptoms and cause more pain than they were prescribed for
    • Pain is a symptom not the root cause
    • You don’t have a headace because you have an acetaminophin deficiency
  • Abnormal health is not normal, you deserve a body that works for you
  • doTERRA is in the empowerment business and essential oils are the perfect vehicle
  • doTERRA Center for Integrative Oncology, part of St. Elizabeth’s, will be opening Fall 2020 and provide patients treatment plans that will focus on the whole person, including acupuncture, aromatherapy, demonstration teaching kitchen, aromatouch, and more!

Let’s Connect

Send me a message if you have more questions, are ready to get started or would like a private call to further discuss your health goals. For those of you ready to join, I have a fun customizable welcome gift with your name on it! If any of this spoke to you at all and you’re thinking to yourself, I can do this, I want to help people, I want to be the one, let’s connect!